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Taizhou Donghai Fishery Machine & Electronics Co., located in Zeguo,Wenling,Zhejiang.We are a professional manufacturer of solar water pumps, solar swimming pool pumps,AC submersible pumps, 304 stainless steel shield water-filled or oil-filled submersible motors, brushless energy-saving servo motors for industrial sewing machines, silicon rectification generators, high pressure blowers, etc. We have passed the certifications of ISO Quality Management System and CE successfully.

Our company is equipped with a full set of automated electronic production line, including fully automatic printing machine, SMT machine, automatic component inserter (AI), reflow soldering,Optical inspection equipment (AOI) and electrical inspection equipment (AOI), etc., and perfect plug-in lines and wave soldering, advanced test electrical equipment. Pump production line with fully automatic stator winding machine, welding machine and advanced machine tool processing equipment.

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